Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mirror Hat Rack

Tuesday 11/18/14

I am so sick of my husbands hats being strewn around the house in places they don't belong- like the kitchen table or the kitchen counter, where I make yummy food, ick! So.... I found these awesome old mirrors on Craigslist and bought them for like $30 each.

Then I painted them..

I found these foam balls at Michael's and wrapped them with twine by following THIS tutorial. The only difference is that I hot glued the balls to the mirror because the Command holders didn't hold them up at all under the weight of the hats and the balls kept falling off.

This is the finished product. We had too many hats to fit them all on, but we made do. They add a nice touch to our bare walls. 

Still doesn't keep his hats off the shoe rack and kitchen counter though!

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