Thursday, October 30, 2014

The New Normal- I accept my image

Thursday 10/30/14

I just read THIS article from The Whole 9 Life and it is offically bookmarked, saved to favorites, pinned, shared on FB, tweeted and shared on the MICF blog for all our clients to read. Needless to say, I love it!  I needed to read this right now. I needed to be reminded that it's not about the way I look, it's not about what I weigh or the extra fluff I have. It's about what my strong, capable body can do. I admit that my issues have more to do with all the junk I have been putting in my body and I need to dial that in so that's on me. But I need a constant reminder of the changing ideal image of this country today. When I was a teenager thin was in,  I mean sickly Kate Moss skinny and I am just not build that way. So having curvy athletic builds be accepted now is amazing to me. I have summit-ed two 10,000+ ft mountains with these meaty little legs of mine, I've skied and snowboarded and hiked and walked all over this great pacific northwest and I can do pull ups! I have no fear of not being able to survive a zombie Apocalypse or not being able to chase my future children around because God has given me this very amazing and healthy body to do all these things with.

At the end of the post they list things you can do to stay positive when looking in the mirror- Focus on Health, Question the "Ideal", and Practice Positive Talk which I found to be one of the most inspiring parts of the post. I have to remind myself that I was given this body to use for a temporary time while on this earth. God trusts me to take care of his temple and to love it and adore it the way he does.

Do yourself a favor and read the article.
At the Summit of Mt. Baker, WA

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